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Dr. Shrink Celebrates 24 Years in Business!


Dr. Shrink Celebrates 24 Years in Business!

We couldn’t have made it this far without the continued support of our customers. From all of us at Dr. Shrink, we cannot thank you enough for all the support over the years. Our hope is to continue to grow together in the next 24 years.

Ever wonder how Dr. Shrink came to be the company it is today? Here’s our story:

Back in 1985 before the birth of Dr. Shrink, Mike Stenberg worked as a shrink wrap installer. He wrapped boats, machinery, airplanes, buildings, etc. for about 7 years where he perfected the craft and skills of shrink wrapping. As shrink wrapping became more widespread and well known, Mike saw more of a need for distribution of premium shrink wrap and installation supplies – so his focus shifted from an installer to a distributor. In 1992, Dr. Shrink was born. Mike started Dr. Shrink as a distribution company out of his home garage in Manistee, MI. His initial vision for the company was to offer expert shrink wrapping advice (that he gained from all the years of work), innovative products, premium high-quality products and excellent service – a one-stop shop for all things shrink wrap.


Mike started selling to local boat owners and marinas. He believed that in order to have a strong business foundation, you needed to know exactly what your vision is. He said, “The main thing that helped me see a clear vision of what I wanted to offer my customers (other installers like myself) was that I knew the tricks of the trade of shrink wrapping and was fully aware of the common hurdles and frustrations. I wanted to develop products that would make shrink wrap installation more efficient, less troublesome, and more straightforward for others. In addition to that, I wanted to build a company that would be able to offer the best shrink wrapping products, excellent service, and experienced shrink wrap application advice.”

In just a year, Mike realized that the company was out growing his home garage and he needed to stock more products, so he purchased the first official Dr. Shrink warehouse in 1993, which was about 2,500 square feet and stocked about 40,000 to 50,000 pounds of shrink wrap. Dr. Shrink continued to grow and so did Mike’s vision for the company. The company began expanding into new markets and new areas – a big step was selling internationally acquiring international distributors. Currently, Dr. Shrink supplies shrink wrap all over the world, over 80 countries that use our shrink wrap for all different applications and have distributors in 30 countries. All this growth meant that Dr. Shrink needed to stock more products. In order to better accommodate customer’s shrink wrap needs and making shrink wrap ready for immediate shipment, a larger 12,000 square foot warehouse was custom built for Dr. Shrink in 2001.

 1993 - 2001

Four years later, with continued growth for the business, Dr. Shrink outgrew the 12,000 square foot warehouse and purchased a 60,000 square foot facility in 2005. There was an additional 12,000 square feet added in 2012. We are still currently located in this facility on Washington St. in Manistee, MI and currently stock over 1 million pounds of shrink wrap at all times.

Current office and warehouse



Inside of Warehouse
Inside of Dr. Shrink Warehouse

Dr. Shrink is noted for industry first products, prompt service and experienced application advice. Our premium products, seamless customer service and same day shipping have helped our loyal customers put us at the forefront as the leading supplier of shrink wrap and accessories. We would be no where without all of our wonderful customers and colleagues. THANK YOU and here’s to another great 24 years+ of working together!

Please feel free to write Mike Stenberg a congratulatory note and/or kind regards via e-mail here. He always enjoys hearing from his customers and friends.