How To Shrink Wrap Training Videos

Please note: It is very important that you view the entire training video at least twice before attempting to shrink wrap.

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How-To Training Videos:
Shrink Wrapping a Boat

Full Encapsulation / Shrink Wrap Equipment:

Shrink Wrapping Patio Furniture

Shrink Wrapping a Sailboat Mast Up

Shrink Wrapping a Pontoon

More How To Training Videos:

Wrap Anything! Overview Of Everything Needed To Shrink Wrap Right The First Time

Shrink Wrap Accessories Description

Shrink Wrap: Not All Created Equal (Part 1)
Shrink Wrap: Not All Created Equal (Part 2)


Shrink Wrapping a Boat (part 1)
Shrink Wrapping a Boat (part 2)
Shrink Wrapping a Boat (part 3)

How to Shrink Wrap Sailboat – Mast Up

Shrink Wrapping a Boat (Quick 8 min- Wrap it Now Video Series)

How to Shrink Wrap a Pontoon for Storage


Shrink Wrap an RV for Storage
Pop-Up Camper
Shrink Wrap Patio Furniture


How To Shrink Wrap Machinery
Shrink Wrapping a Trailer
Full Encapsulation Shrink Wrapping

Tips, Tricks and How-to’s for Accessories

How to Properly Repair Holes in Your Shrink Wrap Cover
Strapping System How-To for a Shrink Wrap Cover
How to Install Vents and Zipper Access Doors
How to Install a Super Cap
Introducing The EasyKlips
TideMinder Knots & Tideminders(Part 1)
TideMinder Knots & Tideminders(Part 2)
How-to Use Strap Tension Tool with Strapping & Buckles

Heat Tools

Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool Repair
Heat Tool Repair

How to Properly Fire a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool
How to Install a Shrinkfast 998 Extension
Electric vs. Propane Heat Tools


Simple Steps to Recycling Shrink Wrap Covers
Shrink Wrap Recycling
Don’t Trash Your Shrink Wrap!

ShrinkWrap U Testimonials

ShrinkWrap U Testimonial

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Dr. Shrink’s Pink Shrink Wrap

Not everybody has the same kind of boat... we at Dr. Shrink realize this and now offer you step by step instructions.

How To Shrink Wrap: