Shrink Wrap for Boats/Marine, Recreation, and DIY

The Marine and Recreation industry is one of the biggest served by Dr. Shrink. Despite only three primary peak months, this industry is one of the most recognized in the shrink wrap industry as a whole. Boats, RVs, outdoor furniture, ATVs, and much more are typically wrapped for seasonal and storage purposes. 6 and 7-mil material with ventilation is the primary application and there is high volume potential as the market swells in the early to late fall. With recognition comes saturation, and this is the most competitive industry in shrink wrap. It is essential to provide a quality product and Dr. Shrink can help supply your needs. 


•  Shrink wrap protects against weather damage.
•  It’s waterproof– it can fully encapsulate just about anything.
•  One piece coverage. Cover entire flatbed loads and boats 60’+ boats with one piece!


• 100% virgin resin shrink wrap with maximum UV inhibitors costs only pennies per square foot.
• You can’t afford NOT to shrink wrap your boat or RV.


•  Common sense approach to application.
•  Logical installation steps. Our Dr. Shrink training video offers step by step instructions on the shrink wrap process.


•  When properly applied, shrink wrap will not move or chafe during transportation or storage unlike bulky, dirty tarps.


•  Our shrink wrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems.
•  See our Boat Size & Venting Chart to see the proper amount of vents for your boat shrink wrap cover
•  We offer several countermeasures that inhibit moisture and mildew from forming on shrink wrapped units.
•  Dr. Shrink offers Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting products to prevent damage to sensitive metals and electrical circuits.


•  Dr. Shrink has the widest selection of zipper access doors and solutions available.
•  Gain entry to your covered boat or unit without cutting or removing your shrink wrap cover.
•  Custom zipper access door solutions available to fit any job!

View Dr. Shrink’s Boat & Marine How-To Videos and written reference guides!

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