Dura Skrim

Dura-Skrim® is an ultra heavy-duty wrap designed for projects that need a strong, non-tearing material. Dura-Skrim® is reinforced and ridged with a diamond pattern. The reinforced material has an unyielding design that provides heavy-duty protection. It is available in either white Flame Retardant or clear Non-Flame Retardant.

Dura-Skrim® consists of two sheets of high-strength virgin film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene (the molten layer of polyethylene renders it unshrinkable – as such, it resists heat and is resilient in a way shrink wrap is not). A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases service life.

*Can be seamed or heat welded together with a propane fired heat tool*

Custom roll sizes are available upon request (minimums may be required)– please call 800-968-5147

Dura-Skrim® is available in CLEAR, non-flame retardant or WHITE, flame retardant. Both in a 20′ x 100′, 6-mil roll.

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