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You do not become the global leader in shrink wrap without having inventory ready to ship when you need it most. Dr. Shrink’s 78,000+ square foot warehouse contains one of the most comprehensive inventories of shrink wrap supplies on the planet.

Corporate Headquarters
United States
Dr. Shrink, Inc.
315 Washington Street
Manistee, Michigan 49660
email: Dr. Shrink

Corporate Contacts

Angela – Marketing, Website
email: Angela

Bart – Purchasing, Accounting
email: Bart

Ben – Sales, Technical Advice/Training
email: Ben

Brooke – Office Manager, Human Resources
email: Brooke

Ryan – Sales, Marketing
email: Ryan

Customer Service and Accounts

General Inquiries 
email: Customer Service

Ashley – Customer Service
email: Ashley

Courtney – Marketing, Customer Service
email: Courtney

Ingrid – Customer Service
email: Ingrid

Mary – Customer Service
email: Mary

Mary Beth– Customer Service
email: MaryBeth

Pam – Accounts Receivable
email: Pam

Distribution and Warehouse Specialists

Adam – Shipping & Receiving
email: Adam

Bob – Shipping & Receiving
email: Bob

Throughout the years, Dr. Shrink has proven to follow the cutting edge of shrink wrap development and distribution. Learn more about how Dr. Shrink got started.