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Don't Trash Your Shrink Wrap!

Happy Spring from Dr. Shrink, Inc.!

It’s that time of year for those shrink wrap covers to come off your boats, campers, RVs and other recreational items to enjoy that warm weather ahead. Dr. Shrink is gearing up for the seventh year with Bay Area Recycling for our Recycling Run Program. The Recycling Run program allows users in select locations/states to recycle their shrink wrap covers; Dr. Shrink’s 100% virgin resin premium shrink wrap is not biodegradable and is easily recycled into a variety of usable products such as garbage bags and construction plastic.
The Recycling Run Program makes recycling your covers a breeze. All you have to do is buy Dr. Shrink’s EZ-Fill Bags for $5.00/each either online or over the phone, stuff the EZ-Fill Bag with ONLY shrink wrap (NO buckles, strapping, vents or zipper doors) and fill out and return the Registration Form back to Dr. Shrink to be put on our pick up list. If you are located in MI, WI, IN, IL, OH, MN, SD or Long Island, NY, you are eligible for the program.
Not exactly sure how to easily remove your shrink wrap cover? Check out our new Don’t Trash Your Shrink Wrap Silent Movie here, starring our very own President/CEO of Dr. Shrink, Inc., Mike Stenberg.
If you are not in one of the listed Recycling Run states, you could also use our REBAG® Recycling Kit— this program works across the continental U.S.

Shrink Wrap Project for NuDay Syria

Again this year, we are working together with Alison McKeller from “NuDay Syria” which is an organization out of New Hampshire that helps with Syrian relief efforts. Alison has been active in this effort for Syrian relief for about 2 years now. Dr. Shrink is encouraging shrink wrap customers with any remaining end rolls of shrink wrap to donate them. Used shrink wrap can also be donated as long as the cover has been carefully removed and stored, is not holey, dirty, or hard to handle.
All the donations for the Syrian refugees are put into a 40′ container and shipped to Syria where the project activists collect the items for the refugees. Alison states, “In Syria they’ve been using these rolls for everything from shelters, to wall liners for field hospital operating rooms. Getting the ends of rolls makes it a lot easier to ship and less labor intensive, and I’m hoping to track down other companies and individuals willing to donate them.” Dr. Shrink has donated materials to this effort and we are hoping that our shrink wrap customers will do the same.
Collage    NuDay Syria4
These photos show how Syrian refugees have used donated shrink wrap to create test shelters in an area of northern Syria close to the Turkish border. If you look at the shelters being made, it’s easy to see how even the used shrink wrap can be of great use when there are no other options available. Take a look at all the uses for shrink wrap in the Facebook photo album.
NuDay Syria is a registered 501(c)3 and the shipping cost associated with sending your rolls is fully tax deductible. If you live in the New England area, it may also be possible to arrange for the rolls to be picked up. Alison can be contacted at (386) 956-1530 or at for more information.
Please take less than 10 minutes out of your day to watch this video on the effort for Syrian refugees: Alison McKeller and Nu Day Syria. How the shrink wrap is being donated and used is mentioned at the 2.5 minute mark.
You can send your leftover shrink wrap rolls directly to NuDay Syria’s offices:
NuDay Syria
14 Ellyson Ave.
East Hampstead, NH 03826
Share with others & get the word out:
Know someone who could donate? Forward this on. Any donations would be appreciated