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Happy Earth Day 2016!


Earth Day is more than just a one-day event, it’s something that we need to learn to add into our daily lives as ongoing education, action and change. According to this years Earth Day Theme is Trees for the Earth. The website states, “Why trees? Trees help combat climate change, breathe clean air and help communities achieve long-term economic environmental sustainability and provide food, energy and income. Over the next 5 years, as Earth Day moves closer to it’s 50th Anniversary, we’re calling on you to help us achieve one of our most ambitious goals yet – we’re planting 7.8 billion trees and we’re starting now.” Check our to see other ways that you can get involved in your community. Let’s all go out and do our part to help our planet in any way that we can.

Dr. Shrink would once again like to remind everyone that our 100% virgin resin shrink wrap is not biodegradable, so it is extremely important that it gets properly recycled. Dr. Shrink has 2 programs in place to easily recycle the plastic.

Our Recycling Run Program is a partnership with Bay Area Recycling for Charities out of Traverse City, MI. It is an inexpensive way to recycle your covers that come off in the spring months. Please remember all strapping, buckles, vents, zipper doors, etc. must be removed prior to packing the cover into the bag. This program is only available in the following states: MI, WI, IN, IL, OH, MN, SD and select locations in New York. To find out more information about this program, click here. Note: You must fax or email the Registration Form back to Dr. Shrink in order to sign up for the pickup.

Our second program, the REBAG Recycling Kit, consists of a 30″ x 50″ clear bag with cover removal directions printed on it, a closure device for the bag and a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Each REBAG will hold the cover from a 26′ powerboat or approximately 600 square feet of shrink wrap. Stuff the bag full and then put the prepaid shipping label on the outside of the bag, call FedEx for pickup or take it to the nearest FedEx store to ship.

Recycling warning photo

Both of these programs are simple and easy ways to properly recycle your shrink wrap.  Please think of the environment not just today, but every day.