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March Newsletter 2016

March Newsletter 2016 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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March, 2016 – In This Issue:

Who needs to find a 4 leaf clover when you’re already getting lucky with Dr. Shrink! For a six day period beginning on St. Patrick’s Day, we are giving you 4 free rolls of tape! 
Buy 4 rolls of ANY size shrink wrap, and get 4 rolls of 2″ Heat Shrink Tape (DS-702) FREE!

*Promotion runs from St. Patrick’s Day (Thursday, March 17th) until Tuesday, March 22nd at 11:59pm EST*
*Phone orders only for St. Patrick’s Day Promotion. Must mention promotion at time of ordering.*

Bundle Preview:

2/29 – 3/6
4″ Preservation Tape

3/7 – 3/13
Woven Cord Strapping

3/14 – 3/20
Wrap n’ Strap Knife
New knife prototype

3/21 – 3/27
Strapping Dispenser
Strapping Dispenser

3/28 – 4/3
Zipper Access Door
Zipper Door Boat
*If you are unsure of how to receive your free Weekly Bundle item, click here for the direct link to the bundle page. We’ve made things easier for you by sending an email notification every Monday of that weeks bundle.


Dr. Shrink’s NEW Weather-Tight Filter Vent
Dr. Shrink’s NEW DS-683F Weather-Tight Vent uses a filter pad inside the vent top to keep dust, bugs, dirt and other debris out of shrink wrapped products.


Dr. Shrink’s 3″ x 1000′ Anti-Chafe Tape
For the month of March, take advantage of our special pricing on our 3″ x 1000′ Anti-Chafe Tape (DS-CHAFE3) for only $29.21/roll! Dr. Shrink’s Anti-Chafe Tape is a high performance tape with a “light tack” adhesive providing a tough, puncture resistant barrier to prevent scratching or chafing.


“We’ve been staying busy here at Dr. Shrink working on some new products and marketing services. I am proud of our new Filter Vent and I know it will be the solution for all climates prone to dust and insects.
I am heading to Stockholm, Sweden in a few days to work the Stockholm Boat Show. Don’t forget to check out pictures of all my travels on my Instagram account.
Spring is on our minds here in snowy Michigan and I’d like to remind everyone to have a plan for properly recycling your shrink wrap covers this spring. Our Recycling Run 2016 (section below) and our REBAG® Recycling Kit are both simple and effective options.
Thank you all for working with us. I would love to hear from you so feel free to send me a note any time. Let us know how we can help you.”
-Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Marketing Tools & Packages
Dr. Shrink is continuously trying to help your shrink wrap business grow.  Our new Marketing Packages are the perfect solution for customers who need help in creating, designing, and developing marketing materials.  Our marketing packages vary depending on the type of marketing services you need and what works best for your business.
Dr. Shrink has compiled various packages:
* Custom flyer package that includes 4 custom industry specific flyers (Marine, Industrial, Agricultural  or Construction/Scaffolding) with your company logo and information on them. If you have photos of your own work, those can be included as well.
* Advertising package contains tear-off phone number flyers that you can post on marina bulletin boards (or wherever you see fit). People interested in your services can pull off a contact information/phone number tab and read about your shrink wrap services on the top of the flyer. Also included in this package are custom front/back postcards.
* Our Banner Package gives you options for a trade show style pull-up banner. One general banner will be printed with the authorized Dr. Shrink “Trusted Partner” logo and a variety of industry photos. You could also opt to have the banner customized with your logo and contact information for an additional fee.
* All Inclusive Marketing Package includes 1 Dr. Shrink “Trusted Partner” pull-up banner, 1 custom pull-up banner, all 4 industry flyers (customized), tear-off flyer, postcards, and a complete photo CD of shrink wrap application photos.
We are very excited about this new way to help our customers. There are fees associated with our marketing services but let us take your headache away and have us handle it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

“How do I shrink this?”
We are here to offer installation advice, tips and suggestions. 
Dr. Shrink is proud to offer you world class customer service. Our highly experienced staff are ready to field any question you can throw at them in the many industries of shrink wrap; marine/recreation, agricultural, construction/scaffolding, industrial, material handling, auto salvage, and many more.
Some Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!
“What color shrink wrap should I use? Is there a difference?” 
Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap comes in blue, white, and
Blue absorbs sunlight allowing ice and snow to fall off of the cover easier during the winter. Used for winter storage and not recommended to be used as a transportation cover.
White reflects sunlight and harmful UV rays. Best used for transportation covers and general outside storage. White shrink wrap is also the color of choice for work enclosures and scaffolding. it provides shadow-free lighting and good color rendition.
Clear shrink wrap is commonly used for greenhouses and non-storage applications.
“Can the heat from the heat tool cause damage?” 
We must first mention the propane fired heat tools used in shrink wrapping must be used in accordance with the directions in the training DVD. Always remember safety first! The heat from the tool is swept over the cover, almost like spray painting, and is never left on one spot long enough to damage vinyl graphics, paint, gel coat, etc. In fact, the shrink wrap will become thin and hols will form before enough heat is transferred to damage the boat or object. If the shrink wrap should get a burn hole, and it appears the wrap is stuck to the boat, allow the wrap to cool and it will come loose by itself.
“How do I repair tear/melt holes in the cover?”
 It is very easy to repair any holes that are made on a shrink wrap cover. If it is a small hole, a piece of our Heat Shrink Tape will fix it quickly. If it is a larger hole, a scrap of shrink wrap approximately 3″ larger than the hole may be taped on the original cover and lightly shrunk.
We know there is that one object that you’ve been hesitant about wrapping because you are unsure of where to begin. Let us gladly answer your questions and help you figure out the best technique. Send us your application questions with pictures of what you’re wrapping to  or post on our  Facebook  page and we will be in touch.

Relay for Life Charity Fundraiser
Dr. Shrink is hosting a Cornhole Tournament fundraiser with local Manistee Moose Lodge #1128 for Relay for Life. If you are around the area, please feel free to stop by, play in the cornhole tournament or just come watch! Fee is $20 per team of two. The tournament is double elimination, but there will also be side contests and other activities happening. A full concession stand will be available as well.
Registration for the event starts at 11 AM on 3/19 or you can register in advance.  All proceeds go to a great cause! Hope to see you all there!

Winner of “Share the Love” Valentine’s Day Promotion
We would like to congratulate our winner of our Valentine’s Day Facebook Promotion – May Mobile Marine in Washington. They won a $50 Amazon Gift Card, $50 in Dr. Shrink credit and some of our favorite kind of rings, our Dr. Shrink Ring Cutters just for “sharing” our Valentine’s Day promotion on our Facebook page.
Thank you to everyone that ‘shared’ our post and ‘liked’ our page!

Th ink Spring-
The season will soon be upon us when most boats, campers, RVs and other recreational items’ shrink wrap covers are removed. Dr. Shrink, Inc. is once again promoting our annual Recycling Run with Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC). If you are in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, or Long Island, NY– our Recycling Run is available to you.
Our Recycling Run program makes recycling used shrink wrap easy:
* Buy Dr. Shrink’s EZ-Fill Bags for $5.00 each from Dr. Shrink
* Stuff the EZ-Fill Bag with ONLY shrink wrap
* Return the Registration Form to Dr. Shrink to have your pick-up scheduled with BARC.
Dr. Shrink shrink wrap is a premium, virgin resin material

that is easily recycled into a variety of usable consumer products. Shrink wrap WILL NOT biodegrade in a landfill. If the Recycling Run is not available in your state– you can also purchase our prepaid Recycling Kit; the REBAG®. Otherwise, we please ask that you call around to local recycling facilities in your area and see if they will accept this premium #4 LDPE plastic. Thank you for properly recycling this plastic and thinking of the environment.

The Dr. Is Always On Call –
Where We’re Heading This Month:
*Mike will be in Stockholm, Sweden for the Stockholm Boat Show from 5th – 13th.
*Bart will be in St. Louis, MO at the annual IBBI Conference from the 7th – 8th.
*Ryan will be in Orlando, FL for the West Marine University Show from the 8th – 11th.
*Angela will be at the McDurmon Distributing Show on the 16th in Fenton, MI.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions,  comments, or suggestions.
Dr. Shrink, Inc.