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Dr. Shrink Introduces New Weather-Tight Filter Vent to Keep Dirt, Dust, and Bugs Out of Shrink Wrapped Products

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Installing vents on a shrink wrap cover allows air to circulate under the cover to eliminate moisture from forming. If the shrink wrapped product is in a climate prone to extreme dust and debris, the particles can sometimes get into the cover through the ventilation openings. Dr. Shrink’s new DS-683F Weather-Tight Filter Vent uses a filter pad inside the vent top to keep dust, bugs, dirt and other debris out of shrink wrapped products.
Identical to the standard DS-683 Weather-Tight Vent, the DS-683F Filter Vent is easy to install, inexpensive, versatile, has a replaceable filter, and works in any climate. Dr. Shrink President/CEO, Michael Stenberg states, “Shrink wrap applications are being installed all around the world and we have to consider the differing climates. Dr. Shrink’s new Filter Vent will work well in the Middle East for dust, bees, and bugs and for all other areas of the world prone to dust and debris.”
The DS-683F Filter Vent comes with the filter pre-installed. Users who already have the standard DS-683 Weather-Tight Vent can opt to purchase the Filter Kit add-on (DS-FILTERKIT) which comes with 2 filter pads and 1 Velcro strip to apply on their existing DS-683 vent. Installation of the Filter Kit is simple; remove the top of vent and insert Velcro strip on inside of vent top (end to end). Install the filter pad on Velcro making sure it sticks firmly, and then put the Vent top back on the bottom.
The DS-683F Filter Vent has a retail price of $2.75/ea and the Filter Kit add-on is $2.65/ea.  The company also offers several other venting options that all allow cross-flow ventilation underneath the cover to eliminate moisture and mildew from forming.
A full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and installation accessories, Dr. Shrink has everything needed to wrap an asset.  The company is noted for industry-first products, prompt service and experienced application advice.
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