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Quick Video on How-to Shrink Wrap a Boat // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Would you be able to correctly label the products pictured above used in the shrink wrap process? Are you currently using all of these products and installing them properly when you shrink wrap boats for storage?
It’s time for a quick refresher course from the professionals at Dr. Shrink!
Below is a quick refresher training video on how-to shrink wrap a boat. This quick 8-minute video shows you how to wrap a boat for storage with a support structure. Dr. Shrink, Inc. supplies premium, 100% virgin resin shrink wrap in widths of 12′ to 60′ in a variety of lengths and mil thicknesses. 6 and 7-mil shrink wrap is recommended for boat storage. Dr. Shrink also supplies a complete line of installation accessories — everything you need to complete your shrink wrap job from start to finish.

How-To Shrink Wrap a Boat

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