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May 2019 Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Happy May Day!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to congratulate Dr. Shrink, Inc. on our 27th year in business which we celebrated this past month. It has been an honor to be your trusted shrink wrap supplier for the past 27 years.

Please don’t forget, if you are located in Michigan, we are running another year of our Recycling Run to make sure all shrink wrap covers are recycled. The registration forms have been steadily coming in. It is extremely important that shrink wrap gets properly recycled every season. If you have a shrink wrap recycling program set up in your state, please email us the details and we will make sure to let all inquiring customers near you know that it is available! Thank you to everyone for their effort in making sure all shrink wrap is properly recycled.

Happy May Day to all. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day holiday at the end of the month. As always, please let us know what we can do for you.

– Mike Stenberg
President & CEO
Dr. Shrink, Inc.

“Go Beyond the Boat” – Industrial

The Dr. Difference
At Dr. Shrink, we stock a complete line of American-made shrink wrap products capable of wrapping almost any object. With premium shrink wrap available up to 60 feet wide and 12-mil thick, entire flatbed loads of machinery can be protected, temporary roofs, encapsulation of scaffolding, equipment transportation, industrial covers, and more– making it impervious to damage from the elements.

Dr. Shrink offers several mil thicknesses for different types of applications. We only supply premium 100% virgin resin shrink wrap featuring maximum UV inhibitors. This kind of quality ensures long-term usage and ultimate, tough protection.

What size would fit your needs? Here are a few popular sizes for extreme application. Call us for more sizes and bulk prices!

Popular 9, 10, and 12-mil sizes:
20′ x 100′ 10 or 12-mil
32′ x 186′ 10-mil
40′ x 100′ 10 or 12-mil
50′ x 100′ 9-mil
60′ x 100′ 10-mil

See all sizes of shrink wrap

Doctor’s Exam

– Put your shrink wrap knowledge to the ultimate test!
STARTING THIS MONTH: New to the Dr. Shrink monthly newsletter, we will be offering up one question that will put your shrink wrap knowledge to the test. If you can answer correctly, you will be entered for a chance to win great products, and Dr. Shrink gear.

Innovators in the Industry – Moisture Inhibiting Products
We all know that it is crucial to vent shrink wrap covers to allow air into the cover and eliminate moisture and mildew from forming. If you are in an area that is very humid or have an object that is prone to moisture buildup, you may want to look into using some of our mildew and moisture control products for added protection. Click here to shop now!

2 Ways to Recycle Your Shrink Wrap!

The Dr. makes it easy to recycle your used shrink wrap. Two convenient methods allow you to keep shrink wrap out of our landfills.

1) Are you in Michigan? Our Recycling Run is for you! Dr. Shrink is again teaming up with Bay Area Recycling for Charities of Traverse City, Michigan. Participants buy Dr. Shrink’s EZ-Fill Bags for $5.00 each from Dr. Shrink. This cost includes the pickup, transportation, and recycling of the filled bags. The EZ-Fill bag is 42″ x 70″ and holds about 800 square feet of shrink wrap or about the cover from a 32′ boat.

You must then submit the Registration Form to Dr. Shrink by June 1st to have your pickup scheduled. Pickups will be completed mid-to end of June. Dr. Shrink hopes the Recycling Run program model will be copied by other states who are looking to set up shrink wrap recycling programs.

If you know of a current shrink wrap recycling program within your state, please send Dr. Shrink information on the program. Any customers, marinas, boat yards, etc. who call Dr. Shrink inquiring about shrink wrap recycling in their area will be provided with your program information.


2) Outside of Michigan? Purchase a Dr. Shrink REBAG recycling kit for use in the Continental U.S. The REBAG Kit consists of a 30″ x 50″ clear bag with cover removal directions printed on it, a closure device for the bag and a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Each REBAG will hold the cover from a 26′ power boat or approximately 600 square feet.


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