Dr. Shrink’s Social Media Buzz

Posted on May 5th, 2011 | Shrink Wrap Anything with Shrink Wrap and Shrink Wrapping supplies from Dr Shrink, the greatest industrial shrink wrap company.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, blogging and beyond; these are all different forms of social media and they all play a very big role in today’s world and marketplace.  Many people keep in touch with their friends and family, watch the latest videos online, check in to their favorite places, and even write whatever comes to mind (in 140 characters or less, of course) all through the portals known conjunctively as social media.  Dr. Shrink is no exception to this at all.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Shrink already uses many of these different applications in day to day use.

But why do we use social media and why is it so important to us?  Dr. Shrink uses these outlets to connect with our customers, future customers, and industry professionals all over the world.  We are a very tech savvy company and use the resources of social media outlets as our ally to help keep our Dr. Shrink enthusiasts informed with all the latest news and happenings.  We try our very best to create a relationship with our customers and we believe these outlets are a way to show the personality, humor, and fun there is behind our company brand.  Not only is it important to Dr. Shrink, but we also believe it is important to any company in the marketplace to be a part of this growing community.  We love interacting with other companies and associations to stay updated with new trends and industries.  We strongly encourage everyone (not online or online) to take advantage of these free outlets to connect with their customer base.

As we mentioned before, Dr. Shrink uses an assortment of social media outlets including: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Keep and Share, and blogging to keep everyone up-to-date and informed about the ever changing shrink wrap industry.  In a world where you can never have enough friends, fans, followers, and subscribers, Dr. Shrink is launching a new promotion to get you to join in the buzz known as social media.

Throughout the month of May, Dr. Shrink is holding a Social Media Buzz promotion and it couldn’t be a better time for you to jump on the Dr.’s social media train!  It could land you a brand new 32GB iPod Touch just for becoming a part of our social media family!  See the flyer above for all the details on how you could win.

For any questions on this promotion, please contact us at sales@dr-shrink.com. Click on the links below to join our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.