Dr. Shrink After the Storm

Posted on April 13th, 2011 | Shrink Wrap Anything with Shrink Wrap and Shrink Wrapping supplies from Dr Shrink, the greatest industrial shrink wrap company.

The Dr. now has first-hand experience dealing with the damage and destruction after a tornado or severe storm hits.   An extremely severe thunderstorm that developed along a warm front came ashore into Manistee around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  High winds (with gusts up to 80 mph) wrapped up in the brunt of the storm crashed down to the surface over a one square mile area in the industrial park where Dr. Shrink, Inc. is located.  The storm ripped off the roof of our warehouse and caused serious damage.  In addition to Dr. Shrink’s warehouse facility, several other buildings in the area were also damaged or destroyed.


Dr. Shrink came together as a team immediately on Sunday in order to repair the problems.  Mike Stenberg (CEO) states, “After a damaging storm hit our warehouse, the Dr. Shrink team took a very bad situation and turned it around in under ten hours.  I was in China as the situation occurred and communicated by phone and text messaging to see how the Dr. Shrink team handled the recovery.   I am very impressed how our warehouse was totally enclosed in just a few hours—and our customer service was not affected in any way.  I applaud our team.”

It was Dr. Shrink’s main goal to get the situation handled quickly and efficiently in order to keep our service up to the high standards our customer’s expect.  Local roofing companies were overwhelmed doing repairs and time wasn’t on our side.  Without a second thought, we pulled out the shrink wrap and heat tools and got to work.  Using a 50’ x 100’ 9 mil roll and 2 x 6 boards, the Dr. Shrink staff was able to cover about 3,000 square feet of our damaged warehouse structure.


Mike states, “Shrink wrap was instrumental in making our warehouse totally weather tight in such a short time.   This now gives us more experience, and the ability to help other companies and individuals, protect their damaged structures after storms, earthquakes, or tornados hit.”

Complete roofing repairs will take a few weeks to be finalized but Dr. Shrink will continue to provide top customer service and prompt delivery as if this disaster did not affect us.  Ryan Polcyn states, “It has been a team effort cleaning up while keeping operations moving with no downtime.  Restoration would not have been this seamless without our great staff and a great product.”  If you have any questions on installing shrink wrap for disaster restoration, do not hesitate to contact us at 800.968.5147 or by emailing drshrink@dr-shrink.com.  Thank you for working with us and as always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our service.


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