EZ-Fill Recycling Run Bag (DS-GLRBAG)

Dr. Shrink's EZ-Fill Recycling Bags are custom-made strictly for the Recycling Run program. These bags are double the size of the Recycling Run bags we've used in the past. The new and improved bag features a large-mouth opening which allows you to easily stuff more shrink wrap into the bag. For more information about the Recycling Run Program, click here.

***These bags are for the Recycling Run Program which is only available in these states: Michigan and Northern Wisconsin only.***

*If you are in Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there is a 75 bag minimum requirement for pickup.*

Note:  You MUST fax or email to Dr. Shrink the Registration Form in order to sign up for Recycling Run pickup. For scheduling purposes, please email/fax the Registration Form back by June 17th, 2019.

View/Print the Registration Form

View/Print the Recycling Run Informational Flyer


Price: $5.00

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