Dr. Shrink – Boat & Marine Shrink Wrap


Dr. Shrink, Inc. is your single source supplier for all your shrink wrap and accessory needs including heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors and venting. Dr. Shrink has formulated its own shrink wrap for unbeatable performance in all weather conditions. Our premium shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin with maximum UV inhibitors and PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Experience the difference when you wrap with the world’s most premium shrink wrap and Dr. Shrink.


Top Selling Marine Shrink Wrap Products & Roll Sizes

From short rolls, to long, we have filtered down our most popular and best selling shrink wrap film which will fit most of your shrink wrap needs.  For single season shrink wrap jobs, select one of our short rolls below.  These are ideal for one time use and do not require a film rack for easy installation (but if you need a film rack, here are our top picks).  Wrapping multiple boats for you and your friends, try some of our longer rolls.

Looking to Winterize Your Boat?

We have extensive shrink wrap options for any size boat. It’s important to protect your investment and Dr. Shrink is here to help. How-to Videos & Training available. Shop now!

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