Dr. Shrink’s Professional Training Resources

+ FAQs: Features of Shrink Wrap
Dr. Shrink, Inc. prides itself on providing as much information about our shrink wrap products to our customers as possible.
Using the links below, you can find a wealth of information about the different kinds of shrink wrap available and what shrink wrap is right for you and your application.
Learn more about finding the right shrink wrap for your job

+ How-To Videos & Resources
Dr. Shrink’s professional videos help you conquer shrink wrap before you’ve received our products. Enjoy our free, high-quality informational videos filled with insider shrink wrap information from years of experience directly from professionals like Mike Stenberg (master shrink wrapper and founder of Dr. Shrink, Inc.), Ryan Polcyn (Dr. Shrink’s resident shrink-it-all-expert), and Benjamin Beaumont (Dr. Shrink’s training and implementation expert). The curated information provided will save you time and give you the skills and confidence to take your business to the next level!