What Color Shrink Wrap is Right for Me?

WHITE SHRINK WRAP is the color that works best for most shrink wrapping applications.  We have a large selection of mil thicknesses and widths to cover almost any item.   White reflects heat and stays tight in all weather conditions which makes it an ideal transportation cover.   In addition, as the white reflects heat it keeps whatever is underneath the shrink wrap more of a constant temperature, thereby minimizing condensation and moisture build up.  White shrink wrap comes in 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, and 12-mil thicknesses.

BLUE SHRINK WRAP is generally used in snow-load areas as it absorbs heat which helps any accumulated snow to slide off the shrink wrap covers.  Its heat absorption capabilities make it a less than desirable product for warm climates where it can overheat the products under the covers.   It will also “loosen up” in hot conditions which means it can move and chafe on itself and is not good for use as a transportation cover.  Blue Shrink Wrap comes in 6 & 7-mil thicknesses.

CLEAR SHRINK WRAP is used to cover greenhouses,  make boat covers for brokerage boats and live aboards, etc.  The advantage of clear is that you can see through it, the disadvantage is that sun penetrating the covers can accentuate the buildup of moisture under the cover. Care must be taken to ventilate clear shrink wrap covers or put desiccants under the shrink wrap. Clear comes in 6 and 7-mil thicknesses.

All of our premium shrink wrap is made of 100% virgin resin materials with maximum UV inhibitors for long term outside usage.  We offer several mil thicknesses for different types of applications.  All of our shrink wrap is recyclable using the REBAG® Recycling Bags.  It is a #4 Low Density Polyethylene.

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