A two-piece, self-adhesive and self-cutting vent that creates ventilation in a shrink wrap cover (allowing airflow under the cover), reducing moisture buildup without compromising the covers integrity.

Easily cuts through shrink wrap to create a hole for the vent to be installed. Can be installed without a knife as the cap is used to cut the shrink wrap opening. It has a self-adhesive backing and remains weather tight on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

1) Remove vent top to expose cutting points.
2) Puncture shrink wrap cover with vent cutting points and then twist. Discard scrap shrink wrap to create the vent hole.
3) Remove paper to expose adhesive backing from bottom of vent and apply vent over hole. Reach inside of vent hole and apply pressure to make sure there is a good adhesion between the shrink wrap and vent backing.
4) Put on the vent top and secure.

Sold individually or a full case is 100 pieces
Case Weight: 15 lbs



Price: $2.50

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