Viking Cylinders® 11 Pound Lightweight Propane Tank (DS-LWTANK-11)

Viking Cylinders® Lightweight Composite Propane Tank is designed to replace heavy propane cylinders. It's 50% lighter than steel and comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle that allows for stacking and easy carrying. The outer walls are translucent, allowing you to see exactly how much propane is left in the tank. Each cylinder has a wide, stable base that prevents it from tipping over.

Unlike steel and aluminum tanks, Viking Cylinders® will not BLEVE in a fire. BLEVE is the technical abbreviation for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. In layman's terms this means the cylinder will not explode in a fire. Instead, the resin will burn off and the plastic liner and casing will melt. The LPG will then "breathe" through the cylinder wall and burn in a controlled manner.

• Propane Capacity: 11 lbs
• Propane Volume at 60° F: 2.62 gallons
• Butane Capacity: 13.2 lbs
• Water Capacity: 27.5 lbs
• Height: 15.1 inches
• Diameter: 12 inches
• Ship Weight/Unfilled Cylinder Weight: 10 lbs

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