DeBond Adhesive Remover (DS-DEBOND)

DeBond Adhesive Remover is a specially formulated mixture that cleans and debonds adhesives and sealants used on and inside of a boat.

It can be used on most cured and uncured polyurethane and polysulfide adhesives, shrink wrap adhesive, decal and tape film, gaskets, seals, caulks, silicone rubber, chewing gum on carpet and much more.

To Use:
• Surface must be free from dirt, dust, wax and grease
• Test on small area first
• For thin stream, hold close to area to be sprayed and depress pump lightly
• For large areas, hold further away and depress pump firmly

To Remove Shrink Wrap Tape & Tape Residue:
• Always work from top down. Start by peeling a corner at the top of the tape.
• Spray a light mist under the tape as you pull it off.
• Do not allow drips and runs to contact unprotected areas.
• Spray on rag for final clean up. Rinse with soap and water or Ispropyl alcohol.

Product comes in a 4oz spray bottle

Sold individually or 12/case
Case Weight: 4lbs


Price: $23.95

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