Multimetal ICT Film (DS-204100MMVCIG)

Dr. Shrink’s new Multimetal ICT Film is an easy-to-use protective film containing proven corrosion inhibiting technology.  Available in 20’ x 100’ 4 mil, it provides cost-effective and versatile defense against corrosion damage on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in typical shipping and storage conditions. The film is intended to be installed as a base layer underneath our premium shrink wrap. This combination ensures a durable, weatherproof storage and transportation cover which provides corrosion prevention. Dr. Shrink’s new ICT film is non-toxic, recyclable, and can protect metals for up to 5 years if properly packaged and stored.

Ship Weight: 42 lbs/roll

Rolls are sold individually.  If you wanted to buy a full skid, pallet quantity is 25 rolls.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Price: $152.23

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