Roof Solutions – Temporary and Long-Term Abatement

Roof repair shouldn’t be tricky.

Dr. Shrink can help you learn how to cover a roof; if you’ve ever wondered about an alternative to a tarp on your roofing project then you’re in then right place. Replace your tarps, which break down over time, with shrink wrap by simply fastening it to your roof and shrinking it with a heat tool. With our experienced, in-house training staff, highly stocked warehouse, expert marketing services and experienced sales staff – Dr. Shrink has you covered.

Dr. Shrink’s Shrink wrap has a 2 year warranty and can be fit to any roof.


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    Shrink wrap can be applied in the same way as a tarp and offers a wide variety of benefits over products that aren’t able to be custom fit.

  • Shrinking and welding shrink wrap offers superior weather protection in every environment.
  • Dr. Shrink’s high quality material is more durable and flexible than a tarp, which lends to a longer lasting cover for short or long term needs.
  • All shrink wrap has UV inhibitors to protect it from UV breakdown.
  • Consistent results for a clean, professional look on every project.
  • Flame retardant shrink wrap that meets or exceeds NFPA 701 guidelines is available.

Identifying what you need to cover is easy with Dr. Shrink’s experienced training staff helping you. Check out Dr. Shrink’s Shrink Wrap U training courses so you can start applying these concepts immediately.

Dr. Shrink can also help you with advertising packages for your roofing and abatement projects; developing marketing materials and simple, effective methods to get your services out there take time away from what really makes you money – let Dr. Shrink help!

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Dr. Shrink is a stocking seller of all items listed in the catalog and our experienced staff can help you get the roofing solution you need shipped same or next day.

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