Sailboat – Mast Down

Shrink wrap A Sailboat Mast Down

Shrinkwrapping a sailboat with the mast down uses many of the same principals explained on the training CD which is included with the heat tool kit. Before beginning the covering process, please view the CD at least twice to familiarize yourself with all the steps. When covering a sailing vessel mast down, the steps listed below must be followed:

  1. Run strapping fore and aft on the boat from the highest point on the bow (pulpit) to the highest point in the center on the stern (stern rails). Tighten this strap with a buckle by using the included buckle installation instructions.
  2. Once the strap is tightened you may begin measuring the 2” x 4” wooden uprights that will form your support structure. These wooden uprights are forced under the fore and aft strapping and will give the shrinkwrap cover the necessary pitch to allow snow and rain to run off. One upright will be needed in the cockpit and then every 5’ – 6’ until the bow is reached. If possible, the upright should be lined up between stanchions so a woven cord strap can be run laterally from the top of the stanchion across the top of the upright to the top of the opposing stanchion (this strap will give additional support to the cover and also keep your upright from falling down). The height of the uprights will vary with different boats, but when complete, the center strap must be at least 18” higher than the top of the stanchions. Again, this will give the cover enough slope to allow snow and rain to run off.
  3. Now, staple the strapping onto the top of the upright where it crosses the fore and aft strap (an Arrow T-50 stapler works great). Pad the tops of the uprights as shown on the CD.
  4. Once this is completed the rest of the process can be done by following the steps on the CD.

Please call us at (800) 968-5147 with any questions.

This shrinkwrap can burn. If heat is applied incorrectly, shrinkwrap can ignite into open flame. It can also drop down on to other combustible material and cause secondary ignition and fire. If at any time you observe the shrinkwrap on fire, immediately stop what you are doing and carefully inspect the area where you are working for a possible fire. Keep a fire extinguisher available at all times!