Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s for Accessories

How to Use the Strap Tension Tool with Strapping & Buckles

How-To use a Strap Tension Tool with buckles and woven cord strapping (strapping system) for a shrink wrap cover. Strapping used with buckles creates a support structure on boats; strapping used with buckles and the Strap Tension Tool creates a perimeter band to go around the boat, or any other object being shrink wrapped, holding the cover securely in place.

How to Properly Repair Holes

Here is a quick video demonstrating how to properly repair small and large size holes in shrink wrap covers.

How to Install Vents and Zipper Access Doors

Tips and tricks to properly install vents and zipper access doors on a shrink wrap cover.

How to Install a Stealth Vent

A quick video on how to properly install a Stealth Vent on a shrink wrap cover.

How to Install a Super Cap

A quick video showing how the Super Cap is installed.

EasyKlips Tutorial

In this video, we introduce the EasyKlip® and show you how to install them. Please note: In windy conditions, Dr. Shrink’s strapping can be attached to the EasyKlips and tied down to a trailer in order to securely hold the shrink wrap in place.