Shrink Wrap Recycling

Simple Steps to Recycling Shrink Wrap Covers

Take a look at these quick and simple steps to using Dr. Shrink’s REBAG® Recycling System.

Don't Trash Your Shrink Wrap! (Featuring Mike Stenberg)

For over a decade, Dr. Shrink and Bay Area Recycling have made it easy to recycle your shrink wrap covers in the spring and summer. Our Recycling Run program partners with Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) and the program uses Dr. Shrink’s EZ-Fill Bags to bag the used shrink wrap. This program is only available in the state of Michigan. All you have to do is buy an EZ-Fill Recycling Bag from Dr. Shrink, fill out the Registration Form and send it back to the MRC, who will then contact you for pickup throughout the entire month of July. If you are not located in Michigan, we have other partner programs available in Ontario, Canada and in the New England states, including Nantucket. You can learn more about those programs here.