Strapping System Components

Posted on June 24th, 2010 | Shrink Wrap Anything with Shrink Wrap and Shrink Wrapping supplies from Dr Shrink, the greatest industrial shrink wrap company.

Dr. Shrink’s Woven Cord Strapping is a wonderful product, however, the complete strapping system is even more remarkable.  The strapping system has four components working in conjunction with one another to create a sturdy, secure, and sloped shrink wrap cover.  The first component to the strapping system is the Woven Cord Strapping which we discussed in detail in a previous blog, Dr. Shrink’s Strapping: The Backbone of Shrink Wrap.  We also introduced two of the other components in our recent video blog, Strapping System: Tips and Tricks.  In this video we demonstrated Dr. Shrink’s Tensioning Tool and buckles in use.  Today we would like to further discuss these products, as well as the final component, Dr. Shrink’s End and Bottom Caps.  Each component has a specific task in the strapping system rendering them irreplaceable in the shrink wrapping process.

The Dr. Shrink Tensioning Tool is used when creating the perimeter band.  The perimeter band consists of strapping that is run around the base of the object being covered.  The band is hand tightened with using a buckle.  As shown in the video, the Tensioning Tool is used to further tighten the perimeter band.  If the perimeter band is left only hand tightened the cover will sit loosely over the object and can rub and chafe the object causing damage to the surface.  A band properly tightened with the Tensioning Tool will create a powerful almost elastic perimeter band that will hug the cover securely against the protected object preventing movement and eliminating chafing.

Buckles are needed in both the support structure and the perimeter band.  The Tensioning Tool is used with the buckle when creating a tight fitting perimeter band.  When creating the support structure, the buckles allow the installer to sufficiently hand tighten the strapping and produce a sturdy, sloping frame for the shrink wrap cover.

End and Bottom Caps are used solely in the support structure.  Dr. Shrink’s Caps increase installation convenience and cover durability.  By providing a flat smooth cover for the support poles, End Caps can prevent the poles from poking through the shrink wrap cover in heavy snow loads.  Bottom Caps have skid proof padding to keep the poles from sliding out causing the cover to collapse.  The End Cap is also conveniently designed with four ears separated by small gaps acting as guides when installing the strapping.  These ears not only assist the installer with making a symmetrical and attractive sloping cover, but they can also hold the strapping in place while installing buckles, increasing speed and efficiency while installing.

To have an effective shrink wrap cover make sure to use all four components of the strapping system.  Keep your eyes peeled next week for an informative blog regarding a variety of Dr. Shrink tapes!