Ripack 3000 (DS-RPK3000)

The Ripack 3000 propane fired heat tool, takes the best of the 2200 model and builds upon that to make an even better designed tool which allows users to heat large areas of shrink wrap safely and quickly. The stainless steel nozzle can be turned a full 360 degrees and prevents burns with its cold nozzle system. To help you keep going, there is a back-up igniter included in the tool that can be easily changed. The gun weighs only 2.7 pounds, yet puts out 260,000 BTUs of heat.

The kit includes: heat tool with back-up igniter, 26’ propane hose, Securipack - combined fail-safe regulator, high impact plastic case, and wrench for tightening fittings. Also comes with a one year warranty. Additional options include a swivel connection to eliminate twists in hose, a 2-piece 4’9” extension, and a 6’8” extension.

**Always use with a vapor withdrawal propane tank**


Price: $749.00

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