KickAss Covers & Training Video Series


The Kick Ass Kit that every Small Business Owner and Homeowner needs!

The Kick Ass Kit provides a turnkey system to shrink wrap and protect personal items including boats, RVs, lawn & garden equipment, patio furniture, and much more.  Become a part of the world’s leading shrink wrap family.  All of our film is manufactured with 100% virgin resin, contains maximum UV inhibitors and is proudly made in America.

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Step #1:  Measure the asset to be wrapped.

Using our 7-mil premium quality wrap, choose the size that will fit your measured object.

Popular roll sizes for KickAss Covers DIY kits come in the following various sizes:

14’ x 128’     17’ x 31’     17’ x 110’    20’ x 89’    24’ x 50’    28’ x 64’    32’ x 65’

 Step #2:  Purchase your Shrinkfast MZ Heat Tool, shrink wrap, and accessories.

View our recommended list of shrink wrap accessories.
View the all new Shrinkfast MZ Heat Tool Kit.

Step #3:  Watch the Training Video(s) below and begin wrapping your assets!


Please note: It is very important that you view the entire training video at least twice before attempting to shrink wrap.

 Shrink Wrapping a Boat

Full Encapsulation/Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink Wrapping Patio Furniture

Shrink Wrapping a Sailboat (Mast-Up)

Shrink Wrapping a Pontoon

View the official Press Release