February Newsletter 2017 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Posted on February 1st, 2017 | Shrink Wrap Anything with Shrink Wrap and Shrink Wrapping supplies from Dr Shrink, the greatest industrial shrink wrap company.

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“We’ve been busy here at Dr. Shrink, working on some new ideas and projects and we’ve been taking in all of your comments and suggestions along the way. Don’t forget that our Shrink Wrap U class is coming up again next month, check out the section below for more information. If at any time you have any application questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. As always, I want to say thank you again to everyone for reading our newsletter. We do our best to keep you updated on what’s happening over here at Dr. Shrink.”

– Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.


Dr. Shrink is an animal friendly place and you know that all of our animals here are like family. So, when our local animal shelter, Homeward Bound in Manistee, MI called and asked to help out, of course we said yes.

Homeward Bound asked if there was a way to shrink wrap the front and back of their building to protect the dogs from the wind and weather of our winter conditions while they’re outside in their kennels. Ryan and Ben went out there to see what would need to be done and the best way to do it.

Ben went out and ran 3/4″ woven cord strapping in between each of the beams and used the buckles and tension tool to make it as tight as possible to limit how much the film would pull at the bottom while it’s being shrunk. Once that was done, he then created an “X” with the strapping between each beam (again using the buckles and tension tool to get it as tight as possible) to create a support structure behind the film to help limit the amount of stress that is put on the film by the wind.

Once the support structure was finished – Ben used a roll of our 12′ x 149′ 7mil white to create the wall that is needed to block the wind. Around the sides and top of the perimeter of the wall, he used furring strips that were rolled onto the film and then screwed into place to secure the film. At the bottom, the wrap was trimmed and then heat welded around a base made of the woven cord strapping to create the bottom perimeter.

This is just another way to show that you can use shrink wrap for just about anything. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800-968-5147 or email us.


Dr. Shrink and our Local Moose Lodge teamed up for another great tournament to raise money for the Wertz Warriors and the 2017 Michigan Special Olympics Winter Games. Together we raised over $3,100! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported a great cause!
Pictured above are Roger Flateau (Governor of the Moose Lodge), Ron Kaminski (Liason for the Wertz Warriors) and the kids that were sponsored by the Wertz Warriors.


The Onrust Project is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of New York. Dr. Shrink, Inc. helped this project by donating one of our Rapid Shrink heat tools to help the group shrink wrap the ship for winter. The Onrust is New York State’s Oldest Ship. The ship began it’s process of being built in 2006 and was finished in 2009. The Onrust is a now floating museum that is open to the public with it’s history of the 17th century.
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Dr. Shrink’s next Shrink Wrap U Class is coming up next month on March 2nd. It’s a one day training session designed to give you all of the information that you’ll need to shrink wrap anything. Not only will you get hands-on training, but also all of the tools for marketing your business in various industries. Interested in attending? Space is limited, so sign up today and reserve your spot. Click here to find out more information.



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