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With a reputation for high-quality products and service, Dr. Shrink was awarded Distributor of the Year by Shrinkfast Marketing. The international premium shrink wrap supplier was given this honor not only due to its high volume sales, but also its unique approach to marketing and training. Dr. Shrink also serves as an authorized heat tool repair center.

“Dr. Shrink offers marketing programs for its customers and Shrink Wrap University, a hands-on training workshop that not only shows the proper way to wrap assets, but also gives tips on smart business practices, insurance and other know-how,” said Chuck Milliken, Shrinkfast director, sales and marketing. “They really understand how our product works and have the ability to train others. Their unique and all-encompassing approach to business really sets them apart.”

“We’re thrilled with this honor,” said Dr. Shrink president Mike Stenberg. “Shrinkfast has the best heat tool on the market and we’re proud to offer it to our customers.”

With 212,000 BTUs of power, a person can shrink wrap a 40″ x 48″ x 60″ pallet in less than two minutes with the Shrinkfast 998. Its ergonomic design and fan-shaped combustor offer an even and steady heat pattern. Shrinkfast 998 extensions are also available in 2′, 4′ and 6′ lengths.

Check out the Shrinkfast 998 

Shrinkfast® 998 Propane Fired Heat Tool Kit. 212,000 BTUs at 22lbs of pressure

Kit includes: heat tool, 25' propane hose, adjustable regulator, wrench for tightening fittings, written instructions, training DVD, and plastic carrying case.

Optional extensions are available.

**Always use with a vapor withdrawal propane tank**


Price: $579.00

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