What shrink wrap mil thickness is right for me?

What is a mil?

A mil is a unit of measurement used to determine thickness.  1mil is equal to .001 (1/1000) inch.  All of Dr. Shrink’s shrink wrap material is made with 100% virgin resin, guaranteeing true mil thickness and consistency on each roll of shrink wrap.

6-mil—is our thinnest shrink wrap and is used on smaller items such as boats, shed frames,  pallets, and machinery that will be stored rather than transported.

7-mil—is the standard thickness for shrink wrapping boats in snow load areas, for light construction jobs and for medium sized machinery that will be transported.  Also available in one Flame Retardant size of 26′ x 160′.

8-mil/8.5-mil—is an excellent thickness for covering large boats, shrink wrapping large building frames, and for wrapping large equipment with sharp protrusions for transportation or storage.

9-mil—is perfect for wrapping machinery for and is very durable and works well for making containments and wrapping scaffolding.  Also available in two Flame Retardant sizes of 26′ x 62′ and 32′ x 70′.

10-mil—is a versatile thickness which is excellent for wrapping large sections of scaffolding, shrink wrapping large products for on deck ocean freight, and for covering odd shaped machinery for storage or transportation.

12-mil—is our thickest shrink wrap and is available with or without Flame Retardant additives. All of our premium FR Shrink Wrap meets, or exceeds, NFPA 701 specifications for extinguishing itself.   Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap is required for some scaffolding jobs and always on government bids where people will be working under the material. Standard 12 mil shrink wrap is available in 20′ x 100′ or 40′ x 100′.  Flame Retardant 12 mil sizes are 32′ x 70′ and 40′ x 60′.

All of our premium shrink wrap is made of 100% virgin resin materials with maximum UV inhibitors for long term outside usage.  We offer several mil thicknesses for different types of applications.  All of our shrink wrap is recyclable using the REBAG® Recycling Bags.  It is a #4 Low Density Polyethylene

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